As you all know, Cydia has become one of the most used platforms to get the best and the newest apps and tweaks. When you are looking for a particular tweak, you should check out on Cydia. With a little bit of luck, you will be able to find it free of charge. This is the best thing with Cydia. It allows us to download for free some of the best tweaks available.

For the rest of them which are chargeable, you do not need to pay that much. Their prices are quite affordable if you compare them with other app platforms. Therefore, I would want to start with something familiar and useful in the same time. I bet that the first time you open Cydia download, you will search for Winterboard tweak. This app allows you to change themes and switch to other themes in a matter of seconds. It is that easy. The Activator is another great Cydia apps that allow users to assign various gestures to start certain features and apps. Therefore, when you move your device to the left, you will be able to turn on the Wi-Fi. Qik is a simple app that records your favorite moments and uploads them on a Qik server for your friends to watch them live. So, with the help of this tweak, you will be able to broadcast directly from the dance floor. However, the video image does not have such a great quality, but I think it is worth it, especially because it is free of charge.

Some people complain about the fact that all iDevices run programs in the background, which leads to a lower performance. Thanks to the Backgrounder, you can kill all apps running in the background with a single click.